“2 out of 10” exposes the hypocrisy of manufactured love and how people are manipulated into believing that for every soul a single soulmate exists. DAMIEN’s lyrics express unusual depths of introspection and strong statements about love, relationships, and coexistence. His vocals capture and transmit emotions easily, bringing a lot more to the table than a ferocious, heavy, electro-rock song. DAMIEN delivers a vocal that will stick with listeners long after their Valentine’s date is over. The song, although at its core about love, is an existential anthem, an inquiry into what matters in terms of communicating empathy and kindness through the lack of romantic love in the classic sense of the word.
DAMIEN’s range of delivery escalates as “2 out of 10” progresses, cementing his role as a rebellious artist who truly pushes against the mainstream and stands in the way of conformity. With more tracks up his sleeve, DAMIEN defies the expected, and with “2 out of 10” he has already claimed his position as a pinnacle of the modern rock scene.

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Jaylan Salah