Timepunk Pet Photography / Liz Dranow

Gary Dranow’s “18, It’s Alright!” takes us on a very personal journey, showing us a side of Dranow we didn’t know and impressing us with another dynamic collaboration with The Manic Emotions. Are you ready to join the journey?

Courage is one of the endearing qualities of people, and I believe that it takes an artist a lot of courage to be real and choose to share their story with us. In the authentic journey of “18, It’s Alright,” Gary Dranow takes us to the part of his life where he struggles with mental health issues, affecting his relationships and life. Then Current Dranow assures both his young and us that it’s alright if you didn’t know better.

“18, It’s Alright” is a song that needs to be heard by each individual still stuck in their past struggles. For Dranow, it’s bipolar disorder and promiscuity; for each one of us, it could be anything, but are you ready to be moved and empowered by Dranow’s single and poignant performance and tell yourself that it’s alright?

An electrifying intro is our cue to prepare ourselves for going back in time to Dranow’s 18s. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be hypnotized by the solid structure of the infectious drums and guitar, the raw, touchy, and smooth vocal performance, and the well-written and thoughtfully chosen lyrics.

Once more, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotion offer us an unforgettable odyssey! The instruments perfectly embody the struggles, challenges, and triumphs, illustrating the confused mind, the overwhelmed heart, and the proud, aware self. However, they still find their way to give an energetic sense. The storytelling in the lead vocals makes you feel as if you’ve lived this life and experienced this struggle. The solo part gives you a push to shift from past to present and enjoy the moment and the triumph as you enjoy the nostalgic groovy rock flair and the contemporary kick. 

“18, It’s Alright!” might stir up some buried memories, but it ultimately delivers a powerful message of healing and acceptance through its Intimate vocals, heartfelt storytelling, and mesmerizing music.