Moli drifts apart from what defines modern pop Indian music. His influence is heavily embedded in the rock/psychedelia genres, with a focus on concept tracks and fictional personas that explore the self-reflective journey of a tortured artist. With The Weeknd’s haunting retro-futuristic sound and Coldplay’s fusion of jazz and pop-rock, “12 Ways I See Myself” is a track for the senses, extending for over 8 minutes and spanning multitudes of feelings stemming from Moli’s vintage synth-pop and unabashed sentimentality. “12 Ways I See Myself” takes its time with a retrospective, mind-melting, emotional soundscapes, all thanks to Moli’s resonating, futuristic vocals that fit snugly into the paranoid verse through which our main protagonist is trapped, haunting and haunted, predator and prey.
“12 Ways I See Myself” feels like the solid vision of a solitary artist, nothing sounds forced or alien. Every word and chord hit the perfect spot, with echoey electro-influenced rock and too profound a lyric to leave something to the chances. Lengthy instrumental sequencing makes the track albeit more traversed than one would expect it to handle, but Moli’s talent keeps the whole ordeal together. Whoever thought Maggot Brain was the eeriest track they have ever experienced should think twice before tuning in to “12 Ways I See Myself”.

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Jaylan Salah