Hailing from LA, Kiss Hello is a band that originally consisted of Linus Landucci and a range of talented collaborators. Their latest release, “10 West,” from the album ‘Feelings Will Follow,’ showcases their distinctive indie/acoustic sound.

The song begins with an inviting and familiar indie/acoustic vibe, gradually building up as the first verse fades in. A mellow electric guitar enters during the pre-chorus, beautifully filling the space and carrying the song forward until the outro fades out.

One notable aspect of “10 West” is the captivating guitar tone, which exudes a light and warm quality. The occasional slightly out of tune fills, slides, and bends add a touch of character. Additionally, the use of uplifting shakers throughout the song adds depth and texture.

The dreamy vocals, combined with the various layers of synths and samples, lend an evident Beach House-inspired atmosphere to the track. These elements seamlessly blend with the indie and dream pop foundation, enhancing the overall sonic experience.

Towards the end of the song, Kiss Hello surprises listeners with the inclusion of seemingly sampled instruments such as the xylophone and bongos. This showcases the band’s willingness to push boundaries and embark on experimental endeavors. By incorporating these unique elements, they effectively highlight their sound design and demonstrate their artistic vision throughout the album.

“10 West” not only fits well within the modern indie realm but also offers a fresh and unique perspective within the genre. It showcases Kiss Hello‘s ability to craft music that both aligns with contemporary trends and stands out with its individuality. Their fusion of indie, dream pop, and ambient influences, combined with their attention to sound design, sets them apart and adds depth to their music.

Overall, “10 West” by Kiss Hello is a captivating and well-crafted piece that appeals to fans of the indie genre. It exemplifies the band’s musical prowess, their willingness to experiment, and their ability to contribute something unique to the indie music scene.