1. When choosing the right guitar, do not let the look/shape of a guitar be the sole reason to dictate whether it is a good or not.

2. Play the guitar unplugged to check the guitars’ sustain (both electric and acoustic). If it sounds nice unplugged, be certain it will sound astounding when it is connected to pedals and amps.

3. Check out the guitar’s nuts and its finishing. It is more important that you think.

4. When trying a new guitar, check the guitar itself. Do not waste your time revealing your guitar skills! One note is enough to decide.

5. You should be slow to be fast. Do not rush yourself. Take your time. Play the riff slowly, and run it up.

6. Do not forget to warm up, at least 30 minutes every day, to relief the fingers’ tension.

7. Read enough to understand the basic music theory. This is very important.

8. While covering your favourite songs, take some time to understand which notes have been played. Also try to figure out the musical scale if you can.

It will aid you in developing your musical vision.

9. Practice makes anything perfect. Do not give up, and remember, we are all humans. So if your favourite guitarist made it, so can you.

10. Always record yourself. Take notes. It would help in evolving your own unique sound.

Special thanks to Weka Soliman for helping us write these tips.

Stay tuned; there is more to come.

Written by: Mena Ezzat
Edited by: Duha Mousa


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