Vex Message’s newest single, ‘1 Big 1’, will feature on the band’s much-anticipated debut album, scheduled for a summer release.

The intro kicks off with a bouncy humming accompanied by some techno beats, and then the main vocals step while the chorus keeps humming in the back. Finally, the song ends with everything abruptly stopping and fading away.

The vocals are confident, playful, bold, and loud, and alongside the instruments playing out, it gives the feeling that they are both having a conversation like two people who just met and somehow click right away.

The singer sings steadily throughout the song, creating a constant beat while the music constantly shifts.

The invigorating rhythm of ‘1 Big 1’ throughout the song continues while it keeps adding different dimensions, elements and melodies. The combination of electric guitar with tech bits gives a groovy, retro Rock feel to the final composition.

“The 1 Big 1” is being released along with the B-side “Interlude (Fags & Lottery Tickets)”, which is an experimental slice of electronica that the band use as their intro for live shows. 

The Lancaster-based synth-rock trio has previously released other singles like ‘Data Regime’ and ‘No You Don’t’.