Coming all the way from Japan! It gives me great pleasure to present HIROYA UEYAMA and his newest rock single, “おまえと考えた”. This track has received praise from critics and is often compared to the Japanese equivalent of Bob Dylan. Let’s delve deeper into this exciting discovery.

HIROYA UEYAMA’s music draws significant inspiration from the 1970s, an influence that is evident when listening to his tracks. Despite my lack of understanding of Japanese, providing an English translation of his press information was a clever decision. From what I gathered, the recent song explores the intricacies of life, promoting self-reflection and appreciating the beauty in everyday moments. “In a world that often feels chaotic, I believe in the power of music to heal and unite. Through my songs, I vow to champion the cause of world peace, no matter how sleepy I may be. 

Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, but always dreaming of a better tomorrow.” – HIROYA UEYAMA

I adored how the guitar and vocals blended seamlessly to capture the essence of classic rock that has been missing lately. Despite being recorded in Japan, HIROYA UEYAMA meticulously oversaw the production process, with the final mixing and mastering expertly handled by Nicolas Essig, a well-known engineer from Los Angeles, to ensure the music resonates with a global audience. This strategic decision by HIROYA UEYAMA highlights the significance of not only songwriting but also aspects like mixing, mastering, marketing, and PR, which many emerging artists tend to overlook. It’s evident that we are witnessing the emergence of an international rockstar. Give it a listen below and enjoy the music!