Рассвет (English: Dawn) is the band third single from their upcoming album which set to be released soon. Since the song lyrics were in Russian, I had nothing to do but checking the provided info with the song which as the band described “The song sings about loneliness, confused thoughts, temptations in the dark, and the dawn is like a step towards getting out of it.” – the band explained. The track is like an ocean full of melodic waves, I loved how the sequence take me from the intro till teh end of the track on a very smooth way, and I believe theire’s a great harmony and tightness between the band memebrs to come out with such incredible music output. Also, I would love to mention that the warm and strong vocals were one of the mian reasons to like the track, in addition to the solo which really reminded me of the icoinc band, Scoprions. Overall, I have no negative feedback about the track but I will just advise the band to consider using English promoting for their song titles at least, or maybe more info in English to help their non-Russian fans to understand more about the band’s lyrical themes. Check out their socials and feel the vibes below!

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Mena Ezzat