Wonderland is a Ferris Wheel of a record. It haunts, steals, and stuns, all thanks to Courtney’s careful selection of songs and apt consideration of what works and whatnot. Tracks like “Take it All” have some of the most atmospheric, chilled garage tunes, “NV U” is a bluesy track carried by a stark electric guitar, “12:15 am” is not some random song, but a haunting Within Temptation-Esque, a Nordic ballad that draws listeners in and traps them in the Sierra Nevada mountains, alone in a dark, melancholy cabin where wolf howls and snowstorms roam free. “Reborn” has that haunting undertone which -when intertwined with Courtney’s vocals- creates a bubble of swooshing sounds, fading into oblivion and giving Courtney the vocal range that makes her singing soar. Like The Weeknd in Dawn FM before her, Courtney creates her world on her terms, as in “TTN – Trajectory to Nowhere” which sounds like a classic rock track, but her vocals, as well as the backups, turn it into a drug-induced haze, a trance of sorts where listeners can escape into a tent where lucid dreams are actualized. “Sacrifice” has an edgier guitar sound while “Daughter of the Water” captures her mystical side as a fortune reader (an intergalactic service stated on her website).
Courtney Nord is the female artist to watch for the upcoming times. Her music is the perfect companion during COVID-induced isolation nights. Want proof? Just tap into Wonderland, raise the volume, and let the magic begin.

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Jaylan Salah



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