Some refuse to admit that they were the villains in others’ stories, while others see that they were the villains in their own stories. In his song, “Villain,” the Folk singer/songwriter, hailing from Fountain Valley, Kyle Huskey, offers us a way to feel less lonely in guilt-tripping ourselves of making mistakes against ourselves.

Kyle Huskey’s velvety, touching vocals kick off “Villain.” He has an ethereal voice that gives the impression that everything will be okay, even when what he’s saying is: “I’m a curse, I’m a Villain. House without a ceiling. The last guy you’d wanna running to.” The heartfelt lyrics are sincere and show the vulnerability of dark times and are relatable to the nights when we’re up and feeling ashamed of everything we did that made our lives go wrong. Aside from the melancholy and guilt, it has some hope and is looking forward to the upcoming sunny day.

Huskey’s charming vocals and mellow guitar chords make up the song. As simple as it is, it’s more than enough. It felt like an entire band was there as it progressed, with the Folk being joined by some rocky vibes and the solo part depicting the sensations.

This moving song was written at a time when Huskey was in rehab, and while he finally decided to seek help and focus on his recovery enough to not take his guitar along, a coincidence happened and a guitar was donated to the facility he was in, and he found himself writing the song on his fourth day there, documenting the guilt and shame he felt, and sharing with us the experience.

“Villain” was recorded at Kyle Huskey’s home studio with Grammy-winning producer Khris Lorenz assisting with production. He’s now safe and sound with 94 days sober, giving us hope that no matter what made you feel like the villain in your own story, you can still be the hero.


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