Alex Beck is an up-and-coming electronic/pop artist who is based in LA, California. She released her first single in 2020 “Do it again” followed by “Born to Lie” and “Name Names” in 2021. Then released “Wishful thinking” earlier this year followed by her latest single “Tunnel Vision” released just a few days ago. The artist has gained the liking of her fans and has over 4.6K listeners on Spotify only every month. “Tunnel vision” is a pop track with electronic beats as the background of the song with synths sound effects, a simple guitar tune, and a soft yet determined vocal line with a very expressive style. The bridge is catchy with an upbeat chorus. The song was recorded in a studio in LA. The lyrics are about the heated and infatuating kind of love that sweeps you away with its magic. “I’m stuck in tunnel vision” is repeated throughout the song to explain how the world disappears when in such a mood and state of mind. Alex’s first show is on June 14th at Madame Siam in LA where she will be performing her old songs along with her newest release.


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