Still skeptical about that gloomy side of yours after our first Doom Metal listicle? Listen to the songs listed below and you’ll not be in doubt ever again.

Daylight Dies – A Life Less Lived

A harmonic mixture of melodies and heavy melancholic music with some Death Metal tendencies. If this does not appeal to you, then Doom Metal will never be your thing.


Woods of Ypres – Kiss My Ashes Goodbye
The death of vocalist David Gold and split-up after only four albums releases did not stop Woods Of Ypres from topping most of the Doom Metal bands existing today in terms of musical style, quality and popularity. Kiss My Ashes Goodbye comes in two parts- the first one is a bit fast-paced while the second is slow in tempo thus sadder (go figure!).


Rapture – To Forget
What’s to expect from ex-members of bands like Shape of Despair, Thy Serpent, Ensiferum (among others)? Can’t figure until you’ve listened. I also recommend you Someone I (don’t) Know off the same album Futile.

November’s Doom – Twilight Innocence
It’s slow. It’s romantic. It’s acoustic. And it’ll throw you right into the blues for days to come.


Anathema – A Dying Wish
Needn’t no introduction. They may now strike you as a Depressive Progressive Rock band, but WAY back in the days it was Doom Metal they played. Anathema devotees know that for a fact.


DoomSword – Heathen Assault
Music about battlefield and England in the times of war. This one will bring out the inner Viking in you.


Wine From Tears – The Sinner
“Search for a church..
It overloads my madness..”
Those lines masterfully kick in after a beautifully-played rich-in-melodies solo. WFT’s first album Through the Eyes of the Dead as a whole is a masterpiece if you fancy some dense Melodic/Funeral Doom in cold winter nights.


Doom:vs – Half Light
In the very same rehearsal room Draconian recorded their music, Johan Ericson worked on his own project Doom:vs that has so far released four successful albums. Dead Words Speak is the best (and darkest) of them all.


Officium Triste – My Charcoal Heart
Regardless of the name that I’ll never figure out its meaning, but these guys from the Netherlands knew what it took to master gloomy music ever since album one.
You might also want to check out Your Heaven, My Underworld. 

Or, wait! If not just yet, then the third list will make you rest assured.
Stay tuned!

– You can find here; Part One and Part Three.


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