Bob Gemmell, a Santa Cruz-based American singer-songwriter, closed off 2021 with his reassuring vocals and bouncy country music in his single “The Saint of Everything,” and I’m pleased to start 2022 with this delightful calm piece. The melodies are a gentle, upbeat combination of acoustic guitar with multi-layered accompaniments, mandolin, and fiddle that has a folk feel to it. The poetic lyrics urge you to embrace life, feel the beauty of the little things, and have some hope to keep going.

The Americana-country atmosphere can be found not only in his lyrics which connect with nature, or in the core of his music, which is influenced by honky tonk music and the “Cow-Punk” genre mastered by California bands, but also in every chord of his heartfelt voice, which somehow charms you and gives you the feeling that everything will be fine.

To forget about life for a bit and just enjoy the moment, listen to “The Saint Of Everything” below:

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