Daniele Di Chiara

The Italy-based band, “The Great Inferno,” has a new single, “Stone, Blood And Whispers” that all sounds like a poem set to music in the sort of sense that it becomes a touching and emotional song.

The lead vocal’s gorgeous baritone is the main focus of the song. The lead line is dark and just a touch foreboding, drenched in reverb and backed up by several layered vocals.  This feels to us like a song that would work well in a background scene in a dark movie.

The drum beats on this track are simple and steady, blending perfectly with subtle rhythmic guitars and distorted bushings. Intertwined with the singer’s vocals, as he floods us with his poetic expressions.

I loved using the EQ filter at the beginning and end of the track. This makes the full spectrum of sounds hit you a little bit more. This song also has a feel of the 60s and 70s with some modern techniques. The song seems almost hypnotic in its gloomy appearance, but when the guitar beats and the snare pushes the song forward.

The Great Inferno knows exactly how to get us into a whirl of emotions and music, and they won’t stop there because they are creative and prolific musicians with so many ideas in their music, so try to hear it.

Edited by: Viola Karmy


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