Per Øyvind Mathisen

Down South Pepper (DSP) is a Norwegian outlaw country and americana music duo. They’ve been playing for more than a decade and has more than 20 songs that you can check on all platforms. The duo’s singles have had rotations on radio stations from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and USA and appeared on international country charts and Norwegian ones. Their latest single “Son of a Gun” dropped in March 23, 2022 and they describe it as “a roots / americana song telling the story about the grouchy people you can meet on your way and how it feels to get on with your life after.” And today, we’re gonna dig deeper into it together.

“Son of a Gun” is a traditional but yet, not your typical country song. It has a great melodic intro and an interesting verse guitar melody that fits those strong dominant vocals. The use of clean electric guitar and barytone guitar with the acoustic nearly throughout the whole song gave it a diverse sound alongside the tambourin and drums.  The chorus is pretty catchy I kept on singing it over and over again and that melody being played in its background is really cool. The vocal delivery makes the lyrics more interesting makes you pay much attention to it.

“Son of a Gun” is a fun and catchy tune that’ll stay with you for a while once you’ve listened to it. It shows how can Down South Pepper easily make a hit with simplicity and knowledge of their sound and genre and of course their sense of melody and putting their skills to good use. 


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