Pio Hartnett is releasing this magnificent composition in collaboration with his friend and violinist Neil Mather, with production, mixing, and mastering by Zak Higgins. The tale in the single is smooth, as if you’re seeing a short film about that guy who’s trying to be in a relationship like everyone else, disregarding all the signs that he shouldn’t and ignoring his own feelings that he’s trying to push. “Roses” is a blend of indie pop and indie folk; the melodies are soothing, and the guitar chords gently sway you. HARTNETT’s delicate, exceptional vocals are phenomenally suitable for every word and every note.

It was enjoyable visualizing the storyline in my head, but there won’t be any need for that anymore, as ‘Roses’ will have a music video directed by Andrew Ascough. Can’t wait to see it! and to listen to what the promising talent Pio Hartnett has to offer this year.

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