Let’s start with their name, The Foolks“A reflection of the world’s current situation, their name is based on a combination of the words “folks” (people) and “fool” (crazy).” – the band explained. The album includes 10-unique-tracks indeed. ‘The Most Beautiful Queen’ features an English blues-rock flavor with very unique vocals style, blended with the American rock’n’roll spirit. The album title track provides an amazing atmospheric melody with great backing vocals, but my favorite part here is the guitar soloing which is marvelous indeed. I believe the power of the third track ‘Friends’ is its remarkable lyrics which Dron explained: “A song related to my own experience. My parents always talked about the friends they had when they were young or student but they never did any effort to contact them or invite them. I always thought it sad in a way. My father passed away four years ago and probably never had time to see them again. Friends are important to me. I make sure I take care of my friends and try to see them every time I can.”


“We have to keep our friends
for the time we have left
we have to cherish our friends
that bring smile on our faces
We have to party with our friends until the night is over
we won’t get time to regret
when the clock will be stopped we should keep a bit of time
for our friends”

Although these guys return to the roots with their music, still you can find the variety of composition and melodies over here. ‘Sweet Sour Freedom’ is like a tribute for the iconic Rolling Stones. Dron mentioned that 8 out 10 in the album are on G guitar tuning, and now this explains a lot for the rare nostalgic the late 60s/early 70s sound. Sometimes you can listen to great music riffs but the producer lacks to find either the suitable sounds or the right arrangement, but this isn’t the case here, in my opinion, Drone and these great musicians chose their sounds carefully, and it’s pretty obvious within the overdriven rhythms and soloing effect. In general, harmonies and melodies are pretty obvious on this album here. I could say this is the best rock’n’roll record I have heard in 2020 so far!


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Mena Ezzat.


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