I heard it said on a TV show that people misunderstand Scandinavians; that they become inflicted with depression due to their long, dark winters. Apparently, it is actually the change to summer which is undesirable for most Norsefolk, as their spirits have become so acclimatized to the quietness of Winter.

I think Miss Emma Essinger seems to be having a blast in all cases. I can hear her songs at an indoor club in Stockholm, where all night long bodies smash to the beat to create the most natural form of heat. On her latest single “OH OH OH,” she sounds as free as the faeries dancing around Pan, as depicted in medieval European illustrations of the ancient musical god.

It mentions in her bio that ‘the soundscape of “OH OH OH” is built of tweaked raw beats from drumming and hitting on all sorts of boxes, guitars and stuff in a bomb shelter in the SOFO district of Stockholm – layers of saxophones, a pumping baritone and a trashed acoustic guitar melody.’ It’s that raw approach to her music which, despite a clearly dominating pop sensibility, brings a freshness to the table which is much needed in today’s industry.

So, move over sax man, I think we have a ferocious contender from the North!


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