The New Zealand born, Colorado-based singer-songwriter, Estella Dawn released today her latest sixth single, I Dare You.

Recently, we featured her other latest startling singles ‘Hallow‘ and ‘Wonderlust‘ on our Instagram account. Estella is highly influenced by iconic voices like Pink and Christina Aguilera and many other names. When you listen to an artist, there’s like a small portion you get a feeling that this singer imitates another one, but even that Estella is influenced by several amazing voices and iconic bands, she GOT HER OWN! YES!, what I really adore about her voice – in all compositions – that she got her own sound. Besides the simple unique indie-pop tunes, I am in love with the lyrics really. Basically, it talks about someone who apologizes a lot, sometimes for no reason just because they are afraid to lose someone or hurt someone. But this is the problem, because they abuse it in a way or another, and as Estella says: Push in front of them in line and they won’t say a word kind of person. You can leave hate, tell them they suck and they will say “you’re so right!!!” They will bend until their back breaks trying to please people. But you know what, they’re done. Done apologizing for taking up space. So go on, push me one more time, ” I DARE YOU.”

You can find I Dare You through here SoundCloud channel from here.


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