Are you getting ready for Summer vacation? Are you thinking of having a dynamic Summer playlist? So, you need to listen to London-Based Lightness of Being’s new single “Can’t Keep”. Lightness of Being is a rising Alternative/Hard Rock Band and the band released 1 EP entitled “Directions.” The new single “Can’t Keep” is out on the 3rd of July.

As I mentioned above, “Can’t Keep” is a perfect song for the Summer season. The track opens with very melodic guitar tunes influenced by warm classic Rock style. The rhythms are backed by dynamic drum beats. There is a variety of melodies in the track from fast to faster and from loud to louder, so it is for me a great crazy summer song, there is energy and heat in the music like running madly on the beach. I like how the band employs various breakdowns and solo to create a radio-like crazy song!! Guys, Make sure to listen to it below.

Listen to ‘Can’t Keep’ through here.


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