Photography by Greg Smith

Coming from the depth of the UK from Spilsby town with a grunge rock band, “Scarlet Joy” releases their second new single of the year “Rescue” on the 3rd of June, 2022. The super trio who got this band together and innovated such music into this new era, Sophia Woodcraft is the vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, Tom Latham on the bass, and Drew Moore is the drummer that has been assembled in 2019.

Photography by Greg Smith

The track has an awesome intro that gets you into the mood of what comes next, Sophia’s vocals come in with a soft isolated voice, singing in the meaning that this piece gives of being free, and a perfect deep bass playing by Tom and the awesome drums by Drew adds in a rocking rhythm that gets you into a riot vibe of breaking off the ropes that you might get your mind entwined together.

Also, releasing a video showing all three playing together, showing off their talent on screen is immaculately amazing. At the end of the video, they all play together to end this mastered piece that they have created.

Bopping your head to this track is the best thing as it impresses you each time you get to listen to it more and more, you find a new piece in the music, its nostalgic vibes give a mix of Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails is the best combo and with the trio’s vibe and creativity, they succeeded to reach those particular goals to their listeners.


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