Jacqueline Voßmann

Nothing happens by accident. Every minor event is designed to pave the way for larger ones. The story of how the incredible “Pulse Park” band members met and bonded is magical. Despite the bleak, surprising turn of events, it all resulted in the trio playing together and releasing rockin’ pieces like their April album “Phonac Music.”

The Canadian-German trio first met on an Arctic expedition in Qikiqtaaluk, Nunavut/Canada, and began learning their instruments during the long polar nights. The band decided to return to Germany one day. Unfortunately, the huskies escaped with their belongings, so the guys had to get by performing street music in Canada’s pedestrian zones, singing about the Great White North. The precise, enchanting ingredients of “Pulse Park” are the influence of Dinosaur Jr., Lemonheads, and Cloud Nothings; a large potion of the appealing, electrifying sound; and, finally, the enthralling chemistry between these skilled musicians.

“Phonac Music” is a ten-track album packed with explosive energy. It’s amazing how the band sustains their spark of energy in each song and continues to amaze us in new ways. The themes of the singles have a melancholy feel to them, but they’re lively and genuine. The raw vocals are hazy, lush, and blend well with the atmosphere of each single. The guitars and bassline are perfectly aligned and, when combined with the solid drums, create an irresistible sound.

“Antibody” opens the album with an ascending intro and a full tank of energy. It’s vibrant with a catchy melody. What a way to pique your interest and make you eager to hear the rest of what they’ve got. “Sine Wave” moves to a fast tempo that will make your heart skip a beat. From the intro to the outro, the song features excellent guitar work and a head-banging drumbeat. “Strange Matter” is a more laid-back song than the previous songs. Despite the gloomy story, the lyrics are poetic, and the vocal lines are upbeat.

Another uplifting rhythm features in “Aspairt.” The vocals are touching and perfectly embody the lyrics. The instruments work well together to create a dynamic atmosphere. “Factory Fire” has a dazzling melody and bouncy atmosphere. It’s a blissful one that will have you shaking your feet. How the song slows down and then picks up again is fascinating. “The Equidistance” has dark but maintains a vivid pulse. The solo part definitely stands out. “A Constant.” brings the album to a close with a dreamy ambiance. A soothing, ethereal track is the ideal ending to a hyper, energetic album. The straightforward drums combined with the melodic vocals will hypnotize you, and you will end the journey in the most peaceful way.

 No more talking; simply press the play button and enjoy the band’s musicianship and quality of work.


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