Matthew Rochford is the mastermind behind Abrasive Trees, who have been variously described as ’stunning’ (BBC Introducing), ‘atmospheric’ ( and ‘perfectly evocative’ (Aural Aggravation). Although he describes his style as an experimental post-punk project, I believe it’s way more than this, because can find psychedelic, folk, and alternative rock elements perfectly shaped through his music. Well, I preferred to mention this because this impressive three-song EP is a unique psychedelic/experimental experience that easily takes the listener to a distinguished journey that I haven’t felt on any other EP recently. The EP title track, I don’t know if you gonna feel the same when you check it out or no, but it literally it reminds me of The Doors iconic songs, the atmosphere of the track along with the vocals is just stunning, and the will go for vocals indeed and I was really amazed by featuring Jo-Beth Young, it was a great fit indeed. The second track, “Ashram,” and if you are not familiar with it, it’s a spiritual hermitage, a monastery in the Indian religions and culture. The beauty of this song is how Matthew through his impressive songwriting to delivers this image, and I was just imagining I am on top of the mountain on the Indian lands and making the religious rituals. Definitely, Laurence Collyer was a great choice for the song with such golden fingers on steel guitar, melodeon, organ, shruti box, and tempura. WOW! Well, I have always believed that instrumental music is really stronger than normal songs with lyrics, and in my opinion, it shows the ability and professionalism of the musician, ‘Before’  was capable to take me on a special journey like the other two tracks but also showed a perfect diversity. Now, it’s the time to listen top the bueaty and sense it! Enjoy! 😉

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Mena Ezzat


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