To me, Evolutionary Sleepers are creative indeed. These guys are aiming to use a different metal concept also looking for diversity within their music. Their upcoming three-track EP ‘Labyrinthian’ will feature a different singer in each song. I really like the idea as it gives more warmth and creativity to the music itself. ‘Never Redeemed, Never Undone’ is a very powerful modern metal tune, it has several influences including hardcore, extreme, melodic, and many other inspirations really. Definitely, Alex Hamilton (featured vocalist) has a golden metal throat! I love how his vocal line goes smoothly with the riffs although he is using aggressive and shouting singing techniques. The music is very tight! No! I mean it, VERY TIGHT! And I love songs like this really. When you can feel how all instruments each one is working perfectly alone, but together they are aligned and tight incredibly! “Labyrinthian is an EP born of experimentation & a singular determination to realise a creative vision.” – the band stated. And hell yea! They are totally right and they gonna be our modern metal icons in the near future for sure! 

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Mena Ezzat


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