Miro has just released Be There, so this is just fresh out of the oven review. This piece is what the concept of getting high on music applies to. Their tunes made me feel high while listening to it. It is a small kind of album, so let’s get started.

First up on the list is ‘Soul Hunter’. It’s a 1:21 track that has this rhythm, in my own personal opinion I felt it was warming me up for the rest. After the warming comes ‘Be There’. The intro kinda makes me feel like I am in a haunted house, and then the music starts. The guitars at the beginning remind me with the good old days of Three Days Grace. The guitar that follows it right away became an instant favorite, the calmness it gives you. I pretty much like the Electronic music mixed with Rock, they made it fit very well.

Up next is ‘From Beyond’ which is also a minute and 25 seconds long. I quite don’t get it, I mean in general I don’t, but there’s this wave I feel at my ears that is calming. Was that its goal? I don’t know.

I think I felt ‘Apocalypse’ and why it was named this. When I heard the 49 second-track, my imagination instantly created this scene of a bad weather day and a woman jumping off a cliff.

Off to the last track which is also ‘Be There’ but a remix. Of course you are wondering what’s the difference between it and the first one, I had to listen multiple times to write the differences down. Aside from being longer in length, the haunting intro is replaced with a keyboard intro and then a bass comes in, I loved it when the bass came in. The guitars are replaced with Electronic music, which made it calmer. Would I choose between the two versions? Absolutely not; each has its own mood.

In general, I have never listened to Electronic music, good calm Electronic music to be precise. These 5 tracks make me want to turn off the lights and swim away with my imagination as I listen to them over and over. The down side is, the tracks are not long enough to get into the calm mood and this kind of music is not that daily type, just certain moods in my opinion. So yes take my advice and turn off the lights and lie down, just relax and enjoy.

Written By: Nehal A.Ali
Edited by: Duha Mousa


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