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Thiago Bianchi - a Brazilian Metal Voice in Egypt!

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Rock Era and Naqada Music teamed up with TIMER Advertising Agency and Finoon Arts Center to present for the first time in Egypt, the well-known and worldwide talented singer, producer, screenwriter, director and composer, Mr. Thiago Bianchi as known as he represents legendary acts, like; Noturnall, Shaman, KarmaShaman, VOX, Firesign and ex- Angra will show up a quick workshop/meet & greet. 


All event details are explain through this link.  Bianchi will be in Egypt for a quick workshop (Free Talking) about the music business/industry either in Brazil or worldwide.


Some points will be revealed like;

  • - Singing techniques.
  • - Vocal Warm-up Techniques and breathing.

In addition, the event will be provided with a very short live performance playing some amazing metal hits!

Also, for non-musicians you are welcome to pass by for the "Meet & Greet" with the amazing artist.


Bianchi is considered one of the biggest voices of the Brazilian Heavy Metal scene, and of the world. His bands Noturnall, Shaman, Karma, Shaman, VOX, Firesign and ex- Angra. Some of them (Shaman, Karma and Firesign) featured on hit chats of several weeks in Japan.


Owner of the iconic FUSAO VM & T STUDIOS, reference in audio and video markets in Brazil and the world, and the only heavy metal studio to feature TWICE on the cover of the most important Brazilian audio magazine, "AUDIO, MUSIC & TECHNOLOGY".

Producer, screenwriter and co-director of more than a hundred albums and videos. Involved in productions of great artists of the Brazilian and Worldwid "metal" scene, such as NOTURNALL, SHAMAN, KIKO LOURERO, AQUILES PRIESTER, ANGRA, EDU ARDANUY, EDU FALASCHI, TIMO TOLKKI,


Events details:


Cannot wait to see all of you on Monday, February 5. 


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