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Odious’ European tour along with Septicflesh & Inquisition

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Few hours ago, Odious’ news was all over the Egyptian social media Metal platforms after their announcement for their first European tour news broke. They will be touring along with Septicflesh, and Inquisition.

The upcoming tour; which will kick off on January 4th, headlined by the great Greek Symphonic Death/Black Metal band Septicflesh, and the legendary American Black Metal band Inquisition.


Through history, Odious performed many times in the past in Alexandria after releasing their first full-length album ‘Mirror of Vibrations’ back in 2007, however, Odious performed only twice after releasing their intense album ‘Skin Age’ in 2015. Check the review here.


Still, there are no further details regarding the live members who will hit the stage with Odious through their first European and International tour.


In the same context, Odious is considered to be the first Egyptian band who will participate in a European tour headlined by Mainstream bands: Septicflesh and Inquisition.

On another side of news, few days ago, Septicflesh performed for the first time in the Middle East in Dubai, UAE and Beirut, Lebanon.While Inquisition performed in Egypt two years ago with Nader Sadek.


More details on the event could be found here.


Press by: Rana Atef.

Edited by: NJ Bakr.

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