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Meeting the Looney Tunes!

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We are seven members in the band 

Majd (Lead Guitarist)
Hassan (Pianist)
Mohamad (Bassist)
Yorgo (Rhythm Guitarist)
Ali (Drums & Percussions)
Anis (Vocalist)
Roxane (Vocalist)

*Not all of us were able to group together to answer the questions therefore most questions were answered by Majd, Hassan and Mohamad.

How did you come up with your band name?

Hassan:The band name was an inside joke between Majd (guitarist) and I, since we weren't able to find a band name. The other band members thought it was funny, creative and somehow catchy, so we just went with it.


How long have you guys been playing and how did you meet?
We’ve been together for 3 years now, a few members were together in previous bands and others joined and left. But we've settled on the same people for two years now. We met in university, and we were in the same dormitory and realized we have the same passion of playing rock and annoying our neighbors.


What bands influenced you?
Majd: Scorpions, Guns n Roses, Slash, AC/DC, Metallica and many other 80's bands.


Any upcoming albums? (If so, when?)
Hassan: No albums, but we are working on releasing an original song.


Where have you performed?
We performed locally in Lebanon mostly, at the Balamand's Outdoor, Music Festival, and Rock Festival. We also participated in the Christmas mission at Quadrangle Hazmieh. We competed in USJ's battle of the bands (a competition that includes Lebanese universities) and won first place. We've performed in various places all over Lebanon, specifically in Beirut and the northern region.

Loony 2

What are you most and least favorite venues and why?
Our most favorite venue was Balamand Souq El-Ghareb campus, the crowd was amazing alongside the beautiful campus and atmosphere, these people were born to rock! Our least favorite would be Timmys in Tripoli, it was difficult to deal with them business-wise.


Do you have any upcoming shows?
Mohamad: Yes, we do! The most significant events will be on the of 22nd of March at the university of Balamand, and the Balamand Outdoors later in April.


What is the one thing you want your audience to know about you as a band?
We have great chemistry, during practices we always experience all sorts of good, bad and fun experience and we always try to make the best out of it.


Which songs do you perform most frequently?
‘RADIOACTIVE’ We've played this song so much the fans our humming it in their sleep! We've added our heavy metal taste to it which gave it a new Looney Tunes identity.


Does the band have a main songwriter?
We generally collaborate together in order to write a song, we all pitch in our different ideas creating a unique style that gives us our identity.

Loony 3
How does the music effect the lyrics and vice versa?
Majd: We generally compose the music and then adjust suitable lyrics in accordance with the style of the song.


How would you describe the evolution of the band’s sound?
Hassan: We started as a soft rock cover band, and we progressively escalated into hard rock and heavy metal. The quality of performing improved rapidly allowing us to be more creative.


What would you tell musicians who are trying to form a band?
Look for committed band members, look for people who truly love music and share the same passion as you do. It was hard for some vocals to adapt to our heavy style, but eventually they started enjoying it and became part of it. Punctuality plays a big role too.

How can your fans access your music? CD Demo, YouTube channel?
We have a Facebook page where they can access our various videos, songs, and demos.


Any last words you can share with us and your fans?


Interviewed by: Reem Jai
Edited by: NJ Bakr

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