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I fell in love once I heard Staring Into Nothing's Power. For me, this band is like a rock phenomenon and I was curious to know more about their project. I got the chance to talk with Steve Rogers to tell us more about the band's music and upcoming plans. Let's find out.

It could be a shocking name for all Arabic-speaking people; it is mostly known here in Egypt, that Vajra means a whore*. But, the American rock band chose it on purpose, and they have a completely different point of view on that name. We decided to chat with the band front-woman Annamaria Pinna to find out.

From the coldness of the North to the darkness of the heart and soul, producing the sweet sorrowful tunes of Swallow the Sun

Combining the attractive folk sounds with Melodic Death Metal music, Juha Raivio takes Doom Metal music to another level. After meeting Aleah, Juha managed to enhance his musical creation with mixing the doomy angelic voice of Aleah with another Doom Metal combination which is more into Atmospheric style. For the third time, Juha Raivio proved his geniuses after forming Hallatar. Rock Era managed to have an interview with Juha Raivio about his Doom Metal Career.

A few years back we talked with Nervecell but a lot has changed since* A band that kick-started Death Metal in the Arab Region and with perseverance and steadily rising talent acquired an international audience playing in festivals such as Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic, With Full Force in Germany and more. We were able to get in contact with the guys to tell us all about their new album Past, Present… Torture and what we can expect from it, Enjoy!

As the rising bands do their great job to enrich the Egyptian Metal Scene, the active Mythos conquered 2017 with their strong Ep Eternal Rage. Mythos is an Egyptian Groove Metal/Deathcore band from Alexandria and it was formed as a tribute band then it started to compose its own originals. Before talking about Eternal Rage, I had the chance to talk to Mythos' vocalist Ahmed Hassan a.k.a "Psycho" and our talented artist and friend Dina Yaccout who designed the cover art of Eternal Rage.

After days of working, writing and editing, we finally are giving you the ultimate surprise. Middle Eastern Metalheads, meet the Great Greeks SepticFlesh. SepticFlesh are one of the leading Symphonic Death Metal bands in the world; their music is almost a favorite to Death Metal fans around the world. They managed to create their unique exceptional style and performance. This year, SepticFlesh are conquering the international Metal scene with a tour in Latin America with Fleshgod Apocalypse as well as their long-awaited album Codex Omega which was released just a few days back. Without further ado, let’s read more about what they got to say:

We are seven members in the band 

Majd (Lead Guitarist)
Hassan (Pianist)
Mohamad (Bassist)
Yorgo (Rhythm Guitarist)
Ali (Drums & Percussions)
Anis (Vocalist)
Roxane (Vocalist)

*Not all of us were able to group together to answer the questions therefore most questions were answered by Majd, Hassan and Mohamad.

Lebanon has a great rock and metal scene. Since the 90s their scene emerged with all metal subgenres and growing. And finally today they have their only female thrash metal in Lebanon – and maybe the Middle East? – We talked with the girls, had a little chat to know more about them, about the band and what are they hiding in their agenda…

Ah, Barcelona! This country is loaded with Metal acts, Kilmara is a rising Melodic Heavy Metal act from Spain, as they describe themselves. They’ve been around since 2003, and produced 3 demos and 3 full-lengths, in which we reviewed their latest album Love Songs and Other Nightmares which you can read here and a lyric video released from the same album, entitled ‘Time Flies’ where you can read about here. We gathered with them and had a short fun interview to know more about them, their music and their future plans.

United & Strong are a hardcore metal band from Germany, have been making music for over 15 years, gathering a wide, loyal fan-base and growing recognition which led them to the Warped Tour 2016. They've been playing a few gigs here and there as well as writing new music after which they released their demo in 2008, a full-length album titled Transit in 2009 and Welcome to Coma City in 2011. Last month, United & Strong came to Morocco as a part of their tour on the 14th, 16th, & 17th of April where I was fortunate enough to meet them and have a quick interview with them about their history, their musical influences, and where they stand in the hardcore scene.

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