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Void Cruiser

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Launched in 2011 as old friends united their sonic powers. The group started with heavy grunge and headed towards heavy stoner rock. The debut album Overstaying My Welcome was self-released in 2015 and it received great reviews and stoner rockers really enjoyed the sound.

After the debut album, the band's sound began to evolve from the heavy desert rock into its present state. The heaviness reached a whole new level with the colossal walls of fuzz, earth tremoring, groovy bass and sturdy riffs, but the essential element and the soul of the band's rebirth sonic expression was to be the forceful & melancholic soundscapes combined with the smooth, ethereal vocals.

Additional Info

  • Formed: 08/28/2011
  • Genre: Space/Fuzz Metal
  • Origins: Finland
  • Status: Active
  • Line Up:

    • Santeri Salo: Fuzz Machinery, Communications
    • Teemu Rantanen: Battering Apparatus
    • Lassi Tähtinen: Low Frequency Engine, Supporting Communications
    • Vili Salo: Soundscape Systems, Supporting Communications


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