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Ayman Khalifa

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Founder of instrumental rock band (Instrumental Therapy) and was a member of blues band (Blues on the Rocks), currently in the process of creating a new band project performing originals and covers, so stay tune.

Ally Salem

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One of the most rocking Egyptian guitarist. Ally started playing guitar on early age, and by time she became one of the most recognizable guitarists in the Egyptian music scene, most known for play with one of the oldest Egyptian rock bands 'Andromida'. 

Hisham Blues

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Hisham Blues is a singer, songwriter and composer that has built a very strong reputation in the music scene in Egypt.

Marawan Shaaban

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Published in Artists

Weka born in United Arab Emirates, started to play guitar at the age of 8 been associated with bands in U.A.E at the age of 12, first concert in Egypt at the age of 14 and continued to be part of the Egyptian music scene since then.

Mostafa Fathi

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Mostafa is being in the music for almost 20 years, participated in many succeful bads like; Vybe, Resala and many more. 

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