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A little late letter to Chester

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A bit late of a letter? Maybe. I had to put my head through the fact that someone I listened to through my teenage years is now gone.

Yes, I know. It’s been a while since I last listened to Linkin Park, I don’t even remember that last time they were on my iPod, but we have such a long history together, we only had music differences.


Liking or hating Linkin Park and their music contributions don’t erase the fact that they had a mark and a significant print on our rock and metal views. 17 Years ago, Hybrid Theory was released, I was a kid back then, but I know dozens in their teenage years spent so much time listening to them. I grew a bit older and I started listening to them myself, starting with ‘Numb’.

Back in the 2000s, so many assignments, homework, projects, even break ups were spent listening to Hybrid Theory and Meteora. All of the songs just spoke perfectly to us and spoke perfectly about us.

It perfectly contained the anger and the frustration we felt at those times. It encouraged me to “Break the habit” and to find “Somewhere where I belong”, “become more like me, and be less like you,”

We grew up from this genre, we fell apart and that’s okay. The last time I listened to Linkin Park was a bit over 6 years ago, I grew up and my musical preferences changed. You did too.


You helped many of us through some of the darkest times, and my heart breaks as we couldn’t help you back.


I hope you find your peace of mind you were looking for.


Depression is not a joke. We lose many people because of it. It's a scary, invisible disease, many people could "seem" fine but they are fighting their own battles. If you're depressed or know someone who is please speak up and do not take it lightly.


A whole generation that was saved by you.


NJ Bakr




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