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Top 10 Rock Christmas Songs - P. 2

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Why do we need to have holiday themed music that’s kiddy, cheesy or about all she wants for Christmas is you? Well, those of us who like to rock are lucky, because we have a number of heavier tracks that embodies the theme of the holidays! Here’s a list for a heavy metal Christmas and a rocking New Year!

The criteria of this list are that the track should capture the warmth and meaning of Christmas while being able to rock out or even bang your head.


10. ‘Silver Bells’Twisted Sister
Twisted Sister have done a great job of putting together an album, A Twisted Christmas with rocking renditions of Christmas Carols. Silver Bells make it to no.10. They even have a video for this track in classic Christmas conditions.  

Warning: Twisted Sister will be featured more than once in this list!


9. ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’ - Firehouse
We had forgotten all about these guys after ‘When I look into your eyes’ and ‘I live my life for you’. Well, here is a track a bit heavy, encompassing the glam traits of clean guitar and high pitch that we love. They’ve even changed the last verse to get into the metal mode.

‘Rocking Around the Christmas tree come on everybody lets rock!
Raise your fist to guarantee the party never stops
Rocking Around the Christmas Tree have a happy Holiday
Bang your head right with the beat in the heavy metal way!’


8. ‘Silent Night Holy Night Jam’ - Joe Satriani
Over 7 minutes of instrumental awesomeness, Satriani takes Silent Night to the rock n’ roll realm and back with a smooth landing.


Listen to the song here

See all music videos Joe Satrian

7. ‘Silent Night’ – Chuck Billy / Scott Ian / Jon Donais / Chris Wyse
For our Death/trash metal lovers - growls with Silent Night would be the best thing for a head banger’s Christmas. 

. ‘Heavy Metal Christmas’ - Twisted Sister 

This track is great for metal heads sitting around the tree - three studded belts, two pairs of spandex pants and a tattoo of Ozzy…
In fact, we recommend this entire album, A Twisted Christmas. 


5. ‘Carol of the Bells’ - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
An epic instrumental Christmas track that includes bells, heavy riffs, banging drums and piano. If you have only time (or bother) to listen to one track on this list, this is it. They were mentioned in last year’s list. Have you seen it? Check it out here. 


4. ‘We Three Kings' - Rob Halford
A pure metal, Priest-like intro for what goes on to be a fast paced heavy riffed Christmas track, part of Halford’s Christmas album, ‘Winter Songs’. 


3. ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ - Live Aid
Although it’s not as heavy as our other featured tracks, ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ secures top spot for its timelessness, message, and the efforts of the artists to come together for this track. We would probably have given it a no.1 if it wasn’t for the remake done last year. 


2. ‘Christmas Canon Rock’ - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
A Rock Opera, this track captures the heart from intro to end, the rock version of their children’s choir song, Christmas Canon. The track is part of Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s album A Lost Christmas Eve – a symphonic tale complete with narration. A great one to listen to on Christmas eve? 


The Band is doing The Ghosts of Christmas Eve tour this year – please let us know if you are lucky to be going for this, otherwise here is a video online.

1. ‘Oh Come Al Ye Faithful’ - Twisted Sister
Twisted Sister presents the prime example of rocking out to a Christmas carol with ‘Oh Come Al Ye Faithful’. A super job done, and the intro and riffs of their classic ‘we’re not going to take it’ just adds to the tracks awesomeness. Top it all off, they have 2 rocking video to go along with it. Play it loud this Christmas! 


On that note, how about this holiday season, support our local bands by giving the gift of music to your mates? Visit the nearest Virgin Megastore or your favorite band’s website to buy a CD/EP and support our scene!


Wish you all very Happy Holidays!

Written by: Natsky D.
Edited by: NJ Bakr

- Have missed our list for last year, check it out here



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