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Classic Rock Tunes for After Midnight!

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Autumn nights; some people prefer to stay awake till the first hours through the morning and others who simply suffer from insomnia. Today I'll arrange pleasant moody songs for you to enjoy and make your time more exultant. Just open your window, look at the stars and allow the summer breeze to tickle your face and hair, at the last phase of the night before dawn. It would be a good idea to have a hot drink and listen to our playlist. I choose 45 tracks that are divided into two parts from classic rock because classic rock has a nice, magical effect on your mood. Enjoy!

1. A Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tylor 

‘A Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ is one of the remarkable tracks, not only for Bonnie Tyler but for all the slow rock music genre. The track will move you to the inside rooms of your heart.


2- Always - Bon Jovi
There is no doubt that Bon Jovi music is really effective, but through the magic of the night it will be more magical specially ‘Always’ is a really emotional attractive piece.


3. Beth - Kiss
‘Beth’ carries a calm sounds of keys and calm vocals and you will find yourself humming the tunes with the track to have a nice atmosphere. 


4. Carrie - Europe

‘Carrie’ is one of the most chosen tracks through the lists of the Best slow rock collections and slow rock ballads collections. ‘Carrie’ will separate you from the real world and make you travel with your thoughts and feelings. 


5. Come Take Me Now - Saigon Kick
A really emotional track that you will like. 


6. Don't Cry - Guns N' Roses

The legendary Guns N Roses music is enough to beat the silence in your world. 


7. Don't Know What you Got (Till It's Gone) - Cinderella
Perfect intro with keys and vocals, if you have a broken heart sure you will be affected highly with this track.


8. Dream On - Aerosmith

‘Dream On’ is a really active track, it will give your night a nice company. 


9. Dust In The Wind - Kansas 

It’s also one of the most choosen tracks of best slow rock collections. It is a really calm, comfortable track. 


10. Honestly - Harem Scarem
If you are a Harem Scarem fan sure ‘Honestly’ will be on of your favorites. 


11. Hotel California - The Eagles
Of course this track is one of the most famous tracks all over the world with its special taste. 


12. I'll Stand By You - The Pretenders
One of the well known tracks of The Pretenders. It will create a nice atmosphere for your night.


13. I Remember You - Skid Row
A powerful track from rock legends Skid Row. ‘I Remember You’ will be like the sun which enlightens your loneliness through the night. 


14. In A Darkened Room - Skid Row
Another great track for Skid Row, ‘In A Darkened Room’ carries an impressive effective guitar tunes. The track is somehow religious and it discusses the idea of judging one’s own self. 


15. Long Long Away To Go - Def Lapperd
‘Long Long Away To Go’ will steal you to some inner experiences and you will be lost between dozens of memories.


You want more tracks? Stay tuned for part 2!


Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Bishoy Nader



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