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A little late letter to Chester

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A bit late of a letter? Maybe. I had to put my head through the fact that someone I listened to through my teenage years is now gone.

A tribute to Dubai's guitarist: Aldo

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On July 21st, Dubai favorite rock music venue, the Music Room, will witness a first of its kind event with makers and shakers of the Dubai rock joining forces to pay tribute to the county’s guitar legend, Aldo Rock.

10 Top songs to get you through tough times

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Sometimes life could get too stressful; working, studying, friendship, or all of the above might get to you. Sometimes, you need to zone out, put your earphones on and turn the world around you off. Here are 10 songs we chose for you:

Egypt's Metal: 2016 Rewind

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Alright, people. I know you’ve been waiting for this quite a few days now, ha? This year witnessed a lot of ups and downs in the scene as it included a good number of releases, the Metal Blast Festival, many line-up changes, music videos, and Egyptian Metal bands tours outside Egypt.

10 Film Scorers You Need to Know! - P. 1

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Have you ever watched a film and thought, “Oh wow, who created this musical masterpiece?” Since our birth, music has been playing a big role in each motion picture we have seen. Here, I chose the best film scores creators, especially in the past 30 years! Check them out!

The Egyptian Rock Scene Quiz - Part Two!

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And finally our second part for the Egyptian Rock Scene experts. Make your score and share it with friends.

Rock Legends Trivia!

Published in ROCKERIANS!

We have collaborated with our friends at I Wanna Rock Online Show to see if you are a rock expert enough or no. Test your rock knowledge and share score with friends! 

The Arabic Rock Music Scene Quiz!

Published in ROCKERIANS!

Now, it's time for our Arabic Rock scene. This quiz covers the scene in the Arab World. Test your knowledge and share with friends! 

Here Is To Alexandria – Part Two

Published in ROCKERIANS!

In part 1 of this list, we mentioned 6 Alexandrian active metal bands; here we bring you bands to have a good background and idea about the Alexandrian Metal Scene.

Here Is To Alexandria!

Published in ROCKERIANS!

The Egyptian Metal Scene is one of the oldest metal scenes in the Middle East. It could be divided into two main scenes; the scene in Cairo (The Capital), and The Alexandrian Scene. Usually, in any country, The Capital has the upper hand. Cairo Metal concerts take up the majority of Media coverage and size of fan base, although in the past the biggest Metal concerts and the strongest bands were held and formed in Alexandria.

Notable Musicians with Honorary Doctorate - P. 2

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Part 1 of this list mentions notable musicians that have received their honorary doctorate. I found more! This list contains more musicians, that I would like you to know that they already received honorary degree. Let’s discover!

Musicians Against “Other” Policies!

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In a way or another, art and politics meet in a point. Some musicians prefer to express it loudly and others indirectly through their work. Let's find out. 

It is no surprise that the UAE Metal scene has been hosting international bands, especially in the last 2 decades, witnessing a hiatus for a few years until Circle II Circle came to Dubai and Black Sabbath to Abu Dhabi in 2014, followed by a series of locally organized events.


Top Music Video Directors You Need To Know - P.2

Published in ROCKERIANS!

As I showed you in part 1 of this list, that most of music video directors have a huge resume within cinema productions too; so let’s check out what I chose for this one.

Recent & Coolest Guitar Inventions - P. 2

Published in ROCKERIANS!

As I demonstrated last year about some guitar inventions, which started to invade the market as they are very helpful tools for guitar players, I preferred to add new stuff that I have recently seen. Hope you find what you like and could be helpful for you as well.

Best Ten Rock/Metal Medleys!

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As we all know, a medley is a tribute consisting of connected parts from different songs for a specific artist or a band. Some bands either perform medleys for themselves or for others. Here’s what I found is the best of all!

Top Glam Metal Bands! - P. 1

Published in ROCKERIANS!

A lot of people get mixed by defining genres, such as Glam Metal. Well, when the expression comes to mind what you think is long hair, tight jeans and full makeup on boys band. Frankly, yes, it’s also called Hair Metal, 80s Metal, Pop Metal or even some call it Sleaze! As an appearance from the late 70s till the late 80s, there were many bands that look like that, however, it wasn’t necessary to be a glam band. The early 80s till the mid 90s was considered as the peak of glam metal era, so it was very normal to find a band with full makeup on albums with love themes (giving you the glam image) and next album they would have a different appearance. So, what made that different one way or another, is their music, lyrical themes and stage performance too. In some eras, GNR and KISS would be called as glam rock/metal groups, but by time the bands have changed as well as the audience, so my list will also exclude such bands! Anyhow, let’s find out the best and most influential glam rock/metal bands ever! 

Band Managers You Need to Know!

Published in ROCKERIANS!

There are many names for artist managers such as “music manager” or “talent manager”. The music industry world has hundreds of names and jobs, so don’t get confused with artist/talent - booking - agent. The band manager could be also the band investor, so don’t get confused with the music producer. Let's meet some, shall we?

Top Record Labels Worldwide! - Part 2

Published in ROCKERIANS!

As I showed you in part one, there are BIG THREE names which control the market by a way or another in the entertainment business: Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. In this list, I’ll talk about big record labels - both independent and international - that has huge impact on the market. How? Let’s get into that...

Megadeth - The Threat is Real

Published in Criticize Them!

Megadeth somehow find their way on the news, usually due to front man Dave Mustaine’santics. This time, however, it’s because of their latest single, ‘The Threat is Real’ and there’s a good chance it’s going to inspire some controversy.

Top Tycoon Manufacturers Worldwide!

Published in ROCKERIANS!

Last year, I wrote a list talking about top record labels that owns most of the music industry on an international level. This year, I wanted to expand my research and show you the manufacturer of electronic musical instruments and audio equipment brands that own the market as well. So let’s discover who’s behind this world!



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