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Westward - The Empire of Deception

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Cowboy Space Rock is a new strange term when you hear you get more curious about listening to this kind of music, and what is really the concept that the American band Westward is trying to deliver. The Empire of Deception is their newest album which will be released on Saturday, October 14th.

The album includes 10 tracks which features two singles; The Last Stand which had been released last month as their official lyric single for the upcoming album, and the official music video Force and Matter had been released on September 15th.


Frankly, even that I like their style, synth, harmony and riffs, I don't see that much difference within their songs. But I would say the album is getting more interesting from the fifth track, ‘Force and Matter’. I like the beats, singing, and music so much. Their music is very influenced by bands like Muse, Rush, and Radiohead. It’s very clear when you get through their album. I feel though that the second half of the album is more energetic than the first part. ‘Time’ is one of my favorite songs in this album really, and the concept soloing is very nice. I’d also like to state that ‘Defiance’ and ‘Fall From the Sky’ aren't the expected style in this album. But I like it smoothness really. 

Empire Of Deception AA3333


If you are seeking for a nice synth/rock style, then I would definitely recommend Westward for you. I would rate it 7.5 out of 10!


Written by: Mena Ezzat

Edited by: Bishoy Nader

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