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Last Nail in the Coffin - Million Middle Fingers

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Almost a year after their formation, the metal band Last Nail in the Coffin are trying to find their way through the crowded hallway to fame. Even though their lead vocalist Sean Skellingtong always says that the band only wants to make good records in spite of what people think, but as we all know, one of the greatest constraints in the music industry is having a pleasant opinion from the crowd, and not just any crowd: Metalheads!


After releasing their debut album on the 20th of January 2017, Last Nail in the Coffin strikes back with ‘Million Middle Fingers’- figuratively of course! The name they chose for their 4th track from Leave it to the grave album, a song full of energy, crushing riffs and sonic ranged vocals. The death growl technique used in that song is intense, no high pitch screams needed, slow breakdowns with a dropped guitar tuning and a lot of double bassall put in a simple video clip of the band playing their music and trying to connect with their audience with their aggressive and hostile lyrics. Poor choice of words from the writer of that song which does not bode well for the band. It causes total incoherency between these good metal riffs and the message behind that song.

No more writing, just hit play and hear for yourself:
Check their video here: 


Written by: Imad Bounoah
Edited by: Ahmed Khalil


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