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DIVINE Release their debut track “LIES”

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DIVINE is a brutal heavy metal Egyptian band, formed on January 1st in 2005, but they haven’t released any track as they were mainly focused on covers not originals. DIVINE is influenced by: DIO, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar, Testament, and Lamb of God.

The members are:

Adham Kafafy - Vocals
Saad El Fiky - Guitars
Ahmed Hassaan - Drums
Wael Sameh - Guitars
Amjad Abdel Bary - Bass guitar

The track begins with one of those epic heavy intros like the ones of Lamb of God’s which is one of the band’s many influences.

‘Lies’ has a very aggressive and rebellious theme towards the society’s media tools. As the track’s lyrics begin with;

“Take my hand and come with me I will show you what to see”

The narrator describes the media in convincing the receiver to be its slave.

DIVINE criticizes the media on all levels; whether on TV, Headlines or even social media as they end the track with;

“If it’s on the news it’s a lie if it’s in the headlines it’s a lie and if it’s on TV it’s definitely a lie”

The choice of the lyrical idioms were perfect, as it fluently addresses several mental ages not a specific age. Nothing is ambiguous whether you’re 10 or 40.

The track is musically flaming with all its components; there was a perfect combination between the instruments, the vocals, and lyrics as they form a tune that gets stuck in your head. What’s also moving is the combination between brutal and clean vocals that gets you even more enthusiastic and dips you in the track’s theme.

One thing I didn’t like about the track and think it’s the only weakness in the track is the solo, it’s not as consisted as the other musical lines as it might was just composed to fill the gap of the outro; it wasn’t much considered other than every other part of the track. On the other hand it shows massive technical skills and handling.

On the overall level this track is a very heavy debut, it was precisely and accurately written and performed, on all levels. As you play the track you may ask yourself “Did I play a Lamb of God track by mistake?” while you played DIVINE!

Written by: Amged Mahmoud
Edited by: Bishoy Nader

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