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Skillet - Unleashed

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This year, Skillet finally gives their fans a new album after 3 years of waiting. The album is titled Unleashed and it contains 12 original tracks.


1. Feel Invincible
2. Back From The Dead
3. Stars
4. I Want To Live
5. Undefeated
6. Famous
7. Lions
8. Out Of Hell
9. Burn It Down
10. Watching For Comets
11. Saviors Of The World
12. The Resistance

Skillet tackles the same themes and ideas they believe in through the lyrics of Unleashed. Regarding the music of the album, most of the music is dynamic and active. Skillet declines the usage of calm romantic tracks as the album contained only 2 tracks with keys and industrial effects. Those tracks are 'Stars' and 'Burn It Down'. They were prayer-like and carried religious concepts .The music is the usual known style of Skillet, for example, the intro of 'Lions' is a reflection of 'My Obsession' from Skillet's Collide album from 2003. The symphonic riffs and the riffs in 'I Want to Live' is 90% close to Skillet's 'Awake And Alive'. Skillet adds a few changes in the new stuff in addition to adding more Industrial Symphonic effects. They ended their release with the very strong instrumental interlude and effective solo. The solos of the track were very attractive. Skillet continues with their way of combining John Cooper vocals with Jen Ledger's. Finally, the album is really strong and very good one but the fans needed more pieces as was the case with Collide, Comatose and Awake.

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie

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