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We’re only halfway through 2017 but it has been definitely a fruitful year for the Egyptian Metal Scene already. Among the uprisings, we were very fascinated by the new Mythos Ep. I actually had the chance to talk to Mythos' vocalist Ahmed Hassan a.k.a "Psycho" and our talented artist and friend Dina Yacout who designed the cover art of Eternal Rage; their new EP, which will be out this week! So keep an eye out for it!


Hera is an Egyptian one woman Rock/Metal band formed by Heidi Habib. Habib is one of the 1st generation Egyptian Metalheads. She started her path in the late 90s before she wondered to UAE and France. This year, Hera released her latest full length entitled Jarhaiin. The album contained 10 tracks, which are ‘Jarhaiin’, ‘Abahk’, ‘Ahwak’, ‘The Unborn’, ‘Bitter Reality’, ‘Fallen’, ‘What I've Become’, ‘Home’, ‘La tatrekni’, and ‘Don't Forsake Me’.

It’s been a while since I listened to a newly-formed band that caught my attention from the first track. Winter Calling is a – relatively- new band from Florida, USA, playing Hard Rock/Melodic Metal. Their album Faces was released last year with three video albums, which I’ll talk about later, but let me first dig into the tracks!

Some would recognize the American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Freddie Nelson by his collaboration with the guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert in album United States in 2008 and again for his solo release I Can Destroy in 2015. Currently, Nelson is releasing his debut album Shake the Cage. Let’s discover more about such astonishing album.

The Egyptian Doom Metal scene have not been very active recently. Only Sinprophecy and Midwinter currently represent Doom Metal music in Egypt. Last March however, a new Doom Metal band Catharsis were born, to pour more blood in our local DM veins. The band’s members are:

The extremely talented front man of the Dubai based alternative rock/metal band Jay Wud have given us a rare and awesome opportunity to review his band’s upcoming album Transitions which drops on June 30th.

A distinctive tune and a genre wavering album is introduced by the polish band Manescape.


Manescape is a neo-psychedelic rock trio formed in 2006 in Głogów, Poland. They published a demo by the name of D-Tape back in 2007 then released an EPcalled In Progress in 2008 and finally released their full-length album Antibodies in February 2017.


Almost a year after their formation, the metal band Last Nail in the Coffin are trying to find their way through the crowded hallway to fame. Even though their lead vocalist Sean Skellingtong always says that the band only wants to make good records in spite of what people think, but as we all know, one of the greatest constraints in the music industry is having a pleasant opinion from the crowd, and not just any crowd: Metalheads!

From a small city in the Swedish woods, the Melodic Metal Band Exogenous emerged. What started as a hobby project slowly formed into a serious band with the highest goals. Demos were recorded in 2013 and 2014, and a few shows were played from 2015 and onwards. After a time of definition and progression, Exogenous is finally releasing their first official record, Identity EP.

Looks like it's that time of the year again, the time punk rock giants decide to reappear again, and - as usual - they don’t make their comeback individually, they make it together, all of them at once, and for a punk rock fanatic (like yours truly) it's just too much to take in.



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Find some of our top News and take advantage of the most professional and determine team.

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