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This year, Septicflesh fans finally meet their long-awaited album Codex Omega. After their epical piece Titan, Septicflesh gives us a new artistic musical piece. The Greek warrior is known with its outstanding sounds, Blackened impressive riffs, strong vocals, but this time Septicflesh decides to add something new which is more symphonic sounds and more oriental taste. We’ve spoken with them to give us more details and you can read that through this interview.

This year, Paul Martin continues his collaboration work with the Egyptian Guitarist/Vocalist Amr Medhat in his solo project. Martin released a number of singles after releasing his second full-length 'Chapter II' last year – in which we reviewed one of them here - The new single is entitled 'Beautiful Abyss'

If you are one of the old followers of The Egyptian Metal Scene, the name of Osiris should be familiar to you. If you’re not, then you’ve got some homework to do!

Due to some technical and financial reasons,last year was a postponement of the 17th edition, 

but this year the Moroccan music scene saw a big leap in terms of restructuring the festival, by putting a professional touch on the programming of the festival.

Cowboy Space Rock is a new strange term when you hear you get more curious about listening to this kind of music, and what is really the concept that the American band Westward is trying to deliver. The Empire of Deception is their newest album which will be released on Saturday, October 14th.

Dirt Church is release for the reunited after 25 years Canadian punk/alternative rock band Groupoem. The band lineup is Terry “Rubberstone” Robinson on guitar; Marph “Mr. Science” on vocals; Chris “Flea” Lee on drums, and Darren “DK” Katamay on bass.

Mavara is considered the first Iranian progressive and neo-progressive rock band, now based in New England, United States. Mavara means "Beyond everything you think". The band was formed in 2001.

In September, the re-branded name of Enraged, Medjai will release its first EP. The awaited EP is entitled Tyranny and it has 5 tracks:

PLANET PARALLEL 5 is conceptual rock album by the Australian progressive rock artist, Jacqui L.The album is based on artistic communications through her philosophical lyrics roaming around the character of Jacqui L, a scorpion/alien from the planet PP5.

Here's The Riot is the band project and the stage name of the singer, guitar player , and song-writer Paris Tompkins. Earlier, Tompkins was the singer of the alternative band Church of Mars. He later made Gothic/dark wave music under the name Paris Grim. His influences mainly is within hard rock, heavy metal, alternative and grunge, like; Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Guns N Roses. Tompkins released his debut EP Tonight We're Alive which derived between Alternative, Rock n' Roll and Hard Rock. Let's find out more...



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Find some of our top News and take advantage of the most professional and determine team.

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