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Yes! I finally got to interview one of my top favourite bands! If some of you think I’m fan-girling too much, deal with it. Let me see you control your excitement when you meet one of your “A-List” bands.

Synergy, a young band that faced a lot of troubles and problems in the beginning of their musical career, however they have overcome every single trouble they have faced and their efforts was crowned with the 2nd place in Andromida's rock festival vol. 2, who are they? What’s their story? Let’s get to know them more through this interesting interview.

Kamiliya Jubran released her album Makan back in 2009. Her style is different than most other artists as she sings modern Arabic texts written by poets she knows personally. For Makan, four of the nine tracks were written upon her request.

Gilgamesh is a band that performs an amazing variety of standard jazz covers; big band hits from the 30s 40s and 50s and also the good old Blues. The band is experienced in arranging the perfect entertainment for private events, hotels and venues, engagements, weddings, corporate events and valentine nights.

If a soundtrack for the revolutions in the Middle East was to be chosen. Muse’s “The Resistance” would be the most perfect candidate, or at least a runner-up, due to its strong political lyrics.

Acrophobic Sherpas, an American Jazz band from Detroit that combines almost three or four genres and musical cultures in one time, Chris Carden, saxophonist and band leader, here tells all about the band, past, present, and future.

Thinking of spending a whole day with that special someone but missing some tracks, then “Itar Shameh” has got you covered. In their Album “Baitna” (Our Home), you’ll be able to find the tracks suitable for those special occasions.

It's been a while since we've been to a metal gig in the big C.

Being one of Egypt’s favored rock bands among our generation not only due to their locality but also because of the meanings behind their songs, DIGLA has managed to captivate us with their storytelling album “Free Your Mind”.


After many years of jamming, playing shows and their first single ‘Black Hole’ in 2010, Simplexity has finally come out with their debut EP ‘Click to Start’ back in 2011. While Simplexity is originally a progressive rock band, in this EP you can find different elements of other genres such as hard rock (in a track like ‘Diaries from Turah’) and Arabic beats.

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