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Hot Live Fumes "Get Metal Concerts in Alexandria Back"

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Last Friday, the Alexandrian Metalheads had one of the rare chances to witness an unforgettable Metal night by the Egyptian rising Progressive/Melodic Death band Infernum Expectat and the legendary International Symphonic/Oriental Black/Death Metal Band Odious. Rock Era Team was there to give you a fulfilled review of the Metal night. Hot Live Fumes was the first Metal concert to be held in Alexandria since 2015, after Hate Field's Acoustic for a Night.

Hot Live Fumes was filled with a good number of attendances from Cairo, Alexandria, and Mansoura. The interaction of the Egyptian Metalheads who waited for this concert was all over the social media. Although Infernum Expectat was supposed to start at 6 pm, it was delayed all the way to 7:05 pm due to many technical problems at the beginning of the band was hit with some technical issues, luckily, they were solved in a smaller time.

Odious 66

They performed a good number of originals as ‘Her Majesty’, ‘Parallel Hell’, ‘Maze of Misery’, ‘City of Fog’, ‘Aura Painted Black’ and wrapped up their show with their first released single ‘War of Oppression’. Infernum Expectat’s music was characterized by power, energy, and darkness. The outstanding usage of melodies and key tones, screaming drove the audience to high levels of enjoyment. The interaction between the band and the audience was exquisite.

The interaction of the audience reached its climax when the band played ‘War of Oppression’ with its dynamic break that led the audience to perform a great synchronized headbanging. A note worth mentioning, was the tight performance with their new drummer Patrick Khalil and how they managed to deliver a wonderful stage presence despite their technical problems.

Odious 2

Captured by Mostafa Yousry

 At 8:05, Odious hit the stage with a new live Bassist Ramzy Mayas. They hit it off with their masterpiece ‘Dungeon Keys’, the symphonic epic atmosphere was mixed with screams of the audience. It was then followed by ‘A Picture of Dead Art’, what makes this track unique, is when it comes the part of Nai and Oud, mixed with the audience’s high yelling, welcoming this oriental element. When Bassem start to his vocal part after the Nai was met with a lot of jumps and head-bangs from the audience.

Odious 3
Odious continued performing pieces from their album Skin Age after performing ‘Crown of Centuries’ and ‘Crystal Clear’ which was awaited by many people. In one of the tracks, ‘Al Zar’, the Microphone went out and the band paused their performance till it was fixed. Regarding this issue, I want to add how Odious made use of this situation, as their drummer George Boulos simulated people’s energy through introducing outstanding solo with hundreds of screams from the audience as Basem captured videos for the crowd.

Odious 4

As the issue was fixed, Odious went right back to play powerfully ‘Al Zar’ once again which is known with its guitar melodies, Tabla beats, and clean vocals part that the live guitarist of the band Amr Medhat. They continued playing the rest of the album ‘All the Evidence’ and ‘New Mystery’ with an epic symphonic atmosphere. Odious finalized their show by performing ‘Hot Blood Fumes’which is the darkest and harshest track in Skin Age.

Odious 5

Finally, and unfortunately, both bands suffered from many technical problems but that didn't affect the performance of the band or their determination on the stage. The feedback from the audience was positive and filled with energy


Reviewed by: Ahmed Hassan
Written by: Rana Atef
Photography by: Ousama Qandeel
Edited by: NJ Bakr 

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