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Have you ever imagined yourself being on the same road with your favourite band? Going wherever they go? Rehearsals, gigs, tours or even just hanging out. What about if you lived under the same roof? Grew up with them? They could be your sibling, cousin, parent, relative, or even your grandparents! Now wouldn’t that be something!

Marc Schonbrun - The Everything Guitar Scales Book with CD

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First of all, who is Marc Schonbrun? He is an American guitarist, author and educator who has many works including books, DVDs and CDs. He graduated from Crane School of Music and performed in many venues like The Tralf Music Hall and Lincoln Center

Slash – Autobiography

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Slash doesn’t need an introduction! He is one of the greatest guitarists out there.

The Encyclopaedia Metallica

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Metallica is one of the most famous bands over the world. It is one of the most important causes to attract music listeners to this weird genre called Metal. Metallica is one of the big four thrash metal bands along with Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. The great effects of Metallica’s music would highly motivate the fans to search for the background for every Metallica's track. If you are big Metallica fan, this book is suitable for you. The Encyclopaedia Metallica tells interesting facts about Metallica through the its career.

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