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Oddnote is delivers a vintage psychedelic rock 'n' roll sound from the US. They have been formed in the summer of 2017 in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. Arman Asadsangabi sought to create a deep spiritual and meaningful experience for the listener.

The Los Angeles-based hard rock/industrial solo project band "Trigram" released their self-titled EP on November 17, 2017 which produced by Brian Mansell.

The iconic guitarist Phil Collen (Def Leppard and Manraze) formed a blues phenomenon titled "Delta Deep" in 2012, the band is also featuring Robert Deleo (Stone Temple Pilots), Forrest Robinson (Joe Sample/Crusaders), and the stunning background vocal and theatrical performer Debbi Blackwell-Cook (Michael Buble/Gregory Hines). The band announced for their live CD/DVD “East Coast Live” on January 26, 2018 via Frontiers Music Srl. Here, I’d like to talk about the band’s single which is also presented in a lyric video, Bless These Blues”.

“Standalone Syndrome” is a new single by the Ukrainian Psych/stoner rock band, Sinoptik. The three generations of rockn'roll in one shot includes; Dmitriy Afanasiev-Gladkykh (Guitar, Keys and Vocals), Dmitriy Sakir (Bass) and Victor Gerchev (Drums).

Alcohol & Bad Decisions is the debut release of the Canadian Rock N' Roll band, Psychocide. The album has been produced by the band lead singer Goldwyn Thandrayen which has been released last March.

It’s not very common that a band have released more than one album per year, imagine then four full-length albums! Henry Metal  is one of the most surprising acts in 2017, releasing their fourth album this year, a couple of months ago in August, Metal O’Clock.

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