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A nice meal of industrial/punkish rock n’ roll that I enjoyed in the morning by the Las Vegas - based band, Psyatics. Famous Monsters is a 14-track album that has songs that are a mixture between speed and slow. How? Let’s find out.

I was curious to listen to Sterlie Jets since I read the album title. No Gods No Loss is the band’s upcoming album which will be released on May 4th on Yesca Rock. They also released ‘Fireside Drive’ on March 8th as the first single and music video. I see Sterlie Jets is a very unexpected music band while you’re listening to, I’ll tell you in right now.

Not a year after the band's release of their last studio album, the band surprises their fans with a new single titled ‘By your side’. The band was already touring last year so that's why a new single this soon was such a surprise to their fan-base all over the world.

It was 17th of February, the day that marked the return of pop-punk giants All Time Low. After two silent years, the band returns with the first single ‘Dirty Laundry’ from their upcoming album Last Young Renegade, along with major news of a label change and a date for album release which is confirmed to be on June 2nd.

One of my favorite adrenaline fix on a late cold night and a scarred moon is to drive through breaking speed limits whilst listening to music that’s angular, raw with solid repetitive riffs in its song structure. Catch 22 by FlipTop Box is one album that definitely takes me into the unknown, throwing me deep into my thoughts on that very cold night.

The Long Dark Road is a Canadian band who enjoys mixing many styles within their music. The band debut self-titled album will be released on April the 8th. The band founder Jeremy Cavan was inspired to name the band after Deafheaven’s Sunbather. He also has written and performed across the world with bands like Jerrycan, Sinister Trailerpark Magic and (U) the band.

Well, I also, had many mixed feelings while listening to this album; let's find out.



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Find some of our top News and take advantage of the most professional and determine team.

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