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Dirt Church is release for the reunited after 25 years Canadian punk/alternative rock band Groupoem. The band lineup is Terry “Rubberstone” Robinson on guitar; Marph “Mr. Science” on vocals; Chris “Flea” Lee on drums, and Darren “DK” Katamay on bass.

Mavara is considered the first Iranian progressive and neo-progressive rock band, now based in New England, United States. Mavara means "Beyond everything you think". The band was formed in 2001.

In September, the re-branded name of Enraged, Medjai will release its first EP. The awaited EP is entitled Tyranny and it has 5 tracks:

PLANET PARALLEL 5 is conceptual rock album by the Australian progressive rock artist, Jacqui L.The album is based on artistic communications through her philosophical lyrics roaming around the character of Jacqui L, a scorpion/alien from the planet PP5.

Here's The Riot is the band project and the stage name of the singer, guitar player , and song-writer Paris Tompkins. Earlier, Tompkins was the singer of the alternative band Church of Mars. He later made Gothic/dark wave music under the name Paris Grim. His influences mainly is within hard rock, heavy metal, alternative and grunge, like; Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Guns N Roses. Tompkins released his debut EP Tonight We're Alive which derived between Alternative, Rock n' Roll and Hard Rock. Let's find out more...

Unbeheld is a death metal band founded in 2014 and based in Vancouver, Canada. They have released their debut self-titled release same here, and this year; their second release Dust which has been released on Friday, July 21, 2017.

Zaiph is a musical project from San Francisco created by Keyboardist/Vocalist Nicolas Moroni; Nicolas started composing in 2009 withtheir first album Echlectic released in 2011. It contained 9 songs and a video clip for their first single, 'Cosmic Gerlsnaigs' – where you can watch here. The band also went live a couple of times around Argentine.


Jupiter Falls is a Classic/Hard Rock band from Leeds, UK. They were formed in June 2013 and released their debut album Revolution by December of the same year.

Last Month the Egyptian Nu Metal Band Outcast 44 released a new single entitled ‘Unholy Righteousness’ featuring Tareq Al Tohamy. Outcast 44 is the first Nu Metal in Egypt. It was formed back in 2014 by 2 of the most known vocalist in the Egyptian Metal Scene: Sayed Ragai from Sinprophecy and Morka Asyl and Zander Adam from Destiny of Chains and Hecate.

"Must-See Act" is what Rolling Stone said that made me curious to listen to these guys. 

Vajra is a New York based band that is considered as an alternative metal band, but they also express themselves many other elements within their music like gypsy, hard rock, psychedelic and progressive.

Are you seeking the 80’s sound these days? Then you might have found it within the American 5-piece heavy metal band Immortal Synn’s Machine Men.

We’re only halfway through 2017 but it has been definitely a fruitful year for the Egyptian Metal Scene already. Among the uprisings, we were very fascinated by the new Mythos Ep. I actually had the chance to talk to Mythos' vocalist Ahmed Hassan a.k.a "Psycho" and our talented artist and friend Dina Yacout who designed the cover art of Eternal Rage; their new EP, which will be out this week! So keep an eye out for it!


Hera is an Egyptian one woman Rock/Metal band formed by Heidi Habib. Habib is one of the 1st generation Egyptian Metalheads. She started her path in the late 90s before she wondered to UAE and France. This year, Hera released her latest full length entitled Jarhaiin. The album contained 10 tracks, which are ‘Jarhaiin’, ‘Abahk’, ‘Ahwak’, ‘The Unborn’, ‘Bitter Reality’, ‘Fallen’, ‘What I've Become’, ‘Home’, ‘La tatrekni’, and ‘Don't Forsake Me’.

A little late letter to Chester

Published in ROCKERIANS!

A bit late of a letter? Maybe. I had to put my head through the fact that someone I listened to through my teenage years is now gone.



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Find some of our top News and take advantage of the most professional and determine team.

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