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Interview with Synergy

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Synergy, a young band that faced a lot of troubles and problems in the beginning of their musical career, however they have overcome every single trouble they have faced and their efforts was crowned with the 2nd place in Andromida's rock festival vol. 2, who are they? What’s their story? Let’s get to know them more through this interesting interview.

So, first of all, how did you guys get together?

Michael Mostafa: Well if I remember correctly it started out with me and our bassist Mostafa jamming at his house. Then we went through different vocalists until we landed our hands on Khairy. We then went to a studio, jammed without a drummer until Marwan came into one of ours jams and just sat down on the drums and played along without knowing the songs. He asked whens the next jam which pretty much meant he was in.


Was the Rock Festival with Andromida, considered your second time on stage?

Mohamed Khairy: That’s true. Unless you count preforming twice in a bar, then The Rock Festival was our third. But it was nothing, really.


Tell us why we didn’t get to see you in Rock Sensation vol. I?

Michael Mostafa: We didn’t get a chance to get into RS1, because we submitted damaged songs. We still saw every show to learn what kind of bands got in and what’s so special about them. In RS2 we were more than ready and confident enough to not only get accepted but also become one of the winning bands, not because we were full of ourselves, it’s just we had a unique style of music and amazing chemistry.

What do you mean by “damaged songs”?
Mohamed Khairy: The CD wasn’t working properly, and it was too late to submit any other tracks.

Tell us about your experience in both Rock Sensation II?
Mohamed Khairy: For us, RS was a trail to see how the music is handled in Egypt from a technical perspective.
Michael Mostafa: But RS was a kind of a lesson for us. What to do when playing live. And to get over stage fright and see how things worked for us.

Tell us what happened in Rock Festival I?
Michael Mostafa: We submitted our CD but they called us a couple of days later saying that the CD wasn’t working. We thought we’ll just make another one, but they said that they weren’t sure if they can accept it after the deadline but they'll "try”. When the results were out of who got accepted, it was pretty obvious we weren’t in. We still believes it was because of the "submission after the deadline"

What did you guys experience in Rock Festival II?
Michael Mostafa: To me, it was an awesome feeling playing our own music in front of many people for the first time, and their reaction to our songs is a feeling that can’t be described. Getting out my energy on stage and showing people that rock musicians are meant to be wild was another thing. It made people want go wild themselves. It was not only about the music, it’s about how you express it.


How about your originals? How many are they? Who writes them? Your lyrics themes?

Michael Mostafa: We got 6 complete songs and like dozens of demos that can be turned into complete songs instantly if we focus a little bit. We all contribute when it comes to writing new material; it starts out by sum presents a bass or guitar riff, or even an idea. We get into a studio and just free jam it, to get ideas, even if it sounds bad, we then just keep adding stuff till it becomes a totally different song.

Khairy, our lead vocalist, is the main songs writer. Mostafa, our bassist, helps him out with the lyrics most of the time. I sometimes add a couple of words. About lyrical themes, most of them are about us, experience and opinions. Like the song “red road” is about a person that’s unsure to leave his old haunting past but abandoning it or just stay and open a new page and move on. Other songs are just like pure rock n roll lyrics like “rock n roll madness”, where we make fun about how rock bands are nowadays which is all about the money and less about the music.


Are any of them recorded?

Mohamed Khairy: Well, let’s say they are all “in progress”


What are your plans for the summer?
Michael Mostafa: We are supposed to record like 6-8 songs soon. Just for us and friends and family to listen to. Since there are no upcoming concerts, we all are traveling for a week or so with friends to escape from this awesome weather, then we might have a concert at El-Sakkia in July or something along with another band, I hope.


What do you think of summer tours?

Michael Mostafa: I think it’s awesome that now bands in Egypt are now moving around to get their music heard and get noticed in other areas around Egypt instead of just sitting in their home town and complain why they don’t get noticed.


What are your goals about?

Michael Mostafa: With the band, we want to get noticed. We want people to listen to our music. We want to change the rock scene in Egypt. As for my personal goals in life, I want to become a better musician, play what I feel in the form of music and make people feel it. I’ll keep trying to make music my primary focus, but if it’s not meant to be, I’ll still be making music.

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