Kent-based alternative rock solo artist SamSeb Kierkegaard started writing songs since the first UK lockdown. His music saw the transition from raw/grunge/psychedelic rock sounds to post-hardcore themes. With “Luna: The Invisible Irony”, SamSeb solidifies his presence on the rock scene through a haunting track that merges David Bowie’s sharp, creative lyrics with My Chemical Romance’s edgy base. It’s hard to find a song that combines hard-edged, loud guitars with vulnerable sounds and lyrics. The tone fits the theme of the song perfectly: escaping the doom that is the real world into a vivid, colorful dream world with the beloved. The metaphorical monster is torn through the angsty lyrics chasing the lead singer across the dead, old town, only to be saved by the girl Luna Moonlight in a clever twist over the stalker-final girl trope from the 1970s-1980s horror movies.

Between the allure of the mainstream and the Hardrock sound that defines a solid genre, SamSeb makes good use of a universally relatable sound and lyrics. There is no escape, yet the jaded “feels” of the song is driving the narrative forward, making it a unique, unforgettable track altogether. It speaks directly to the listener no matter what the demon they are currently fighting is with its poignant lyrics, hard riffs, and blasting drums. 

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Jaylan Salah



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