Put on your headphones, listen to the song below, and then read the rest of the review as you head back to the ’80s with us.


I’ve listened to a lot of songs without watching their music videos, and nothing has felt out of place. “Loaded” has a glitchy and spontaneous music video that makes you want to see it every time you want to listen to the song, like a single wonderful dinner with dishes you can’t separate. 


It didn’t feel like there are two vocalists and background music, as Lina Sophie sang her verses with her delicate voice, and Blood Handsome sang his with his realistic tone, and when each of them were singing, the background music seemed to sing along with them. all together felt like three waves colliding to form a one big tight that hits your mind.

At first, it began as a trip to the 80’s streets, then I don’t know what turn we took to delve deeper into my mind, yelling softly “I don’t wanna be a loaded gun” to all my messy thoughts, wanting them to “set me free”, and seeing my oldest wound thinking “I’ll sew it up it’s not enough”, so I wanna be set free too!


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Viola Karmy


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