Travis Nesbitt

Imagine finding a song that feels like everything you’ve been dreaming of for a long time now. Uncompromising rock ‘n’ roll with a vocalist that takes you back to the golden age of Rock and Metal, hard-hitting drums, and a prominent bassline. I had to check the release date on this track multiple times, and indeed, “Lie To Me” was released by Death Valley, Canada rockers “The Congregation” in May of 2022.

As the golden era of Rock and its known tropes, this song tells the story of how we lie to keep the problems in a relationship at bay. But when the amazing Mr. Clayton Bellamy belts the lyric “you’re too good to be true,” that’s how I feel about this track. It seems like this one will be a regular on my playlist from now on.

From the verses that have a couple of lines followed by a nice short riff, that takes us then to a chorus that’s nothing short of a stadium-filling world-class rock band. This track has something for everyone in it, really, as you can feel the influence of the likes of Royal Blood and Muse, but it also channels a lot of the spirit of Pearl Jam and 90s alternative. When the terrific solo and final chorus hit, I felt like I was experiencing a typical classic rock moment.

Mr. Bellamy closes the track with a repeating “you can lie to me” that he sings beautifully, but I won’t be lying when I say I already recommended this track to many of my friends who have vastly different music tastes because of how universally likable it is, despite the heavy rock-n-roll punch it packs.

Edited by: Viola Karmy



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