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With a new record ahead later this year, Texan rockers Tough On Fridays announced their new direction with the grungy re-imagination of their 2017 release “Lush”. The trio landed a record deal with Golden Robot Records to release their highly anticipated record and today, we’ll dig deeper into their past, present and future.

  • First of all, the everlasting question, how did you guys meet? And what’s behind the band’s name Tough On Fridays?

What’s crazy is how all three of us came together since we already knew each other!  Chris Schreck (touring/studio drummer) and Carly (bassist/lead vocals) already worked with each other and have been In bands together.

Carly and I were mutual friends. When the band needed a new bassist and vocals, Carly was our first choice, but she was already working on other projects. Chris was already playing with the band and when Carly’s schedule opened up, we grabbed her In 2020. It was like a puzzle that was finally complete!

The band name came early on. We were looking for a name and we were still in school. Eric, our manager, asked if we could play on a Thursday, which we never did because of school the next day. We told him “I don’t know Eric. Fridays are kinda tough.” And then it hit us! We flipped the words around to become Tough On Fridays!

  • As your sound grows and evolves, I’m curious to know more about your influences. Who they were at the beginning? and how did they change affecting your music writing?

In the beginning, Joyce Manor and early Fall Out Boy inspired both my writing and sound. As I grew and matured, so did our sound, especially with this latest album. Inspirations this time around are Paramore, Brand New, and Basement.

  • Will you tell us about the original version of “Lush”, what’s the story behind it? How was it written? And why did you choose “Lush” to be the witness of your sound changing?

I wrote Lush about sharing your favorite music with someone you love and then dealing with a horrible breakup. We’ve all been there. Originally, we were still learning the studio stuff and we needed to pull it together without a lot of experience. Tim Palmer  (U2, Tears For Fears, Pearl Jam) was producing and helped a lot.

When Carly came to a TOF rehearsal, she sang Lush and that’s when we decided. It’s hers and she deserves to be the recorded lead vocalist. Every single time we’ve played it from 2020 till now, it’s changed tremendously and is one of the few old classics we still play!

  • The production of “Lush (Reimagined)” is pretty neat and captured the perfect mood and sound for it, who in involved in its production?

The timing has always been tricky and complex. To no one’s surprise, we ran into the same complications in the studio re-recording it this past year during the bridge section. Fortunately for us, Chris and his big musical brain came up with a way to omit the problem completely. Since then, we’ve all fallen In love with the way it was reimagined.

  • How do you describe the sound of your upcoming album?

I would consider this sound to be a good mix of alternative rock and post-rock. Sort of like Paramore’s “After Laughter” and Basement’s “Be Here Now/Are You The One”.

  • If you would choose one song off your catalog to recommend to someone, which one would it be?

I‘m going to say “Daisy”. A new one, it’s one of our only love songs that takes a HEAVY turn. It’s not yet released but will be soon. We’re playing it in some of the live shows.

  • You’ve got any tours/gigs planned in support to your album?

We’re still in the early stages on planning for that. There are lots of changes coming. We’re got an album release show planned for the hometown fans in Georgetown and planning album release shows in Austin and Dallas. BUT you can stay on top of our every move by getting on our mailing list at or following our social media. Everything is toughonfridays

  • And finally, what are your wildest dreams for Tough On Fridays?

Making memories with my band mates touring all over the world and having our fans singing our songs back to us at a packed venue.

Thanks for your time guys, wishing you the best of luck.

Interview completed by Caleigh (guitar/vocals) and principal songwriter.


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